MY POSITION: NO! We took it off the ballot but still had a public hearing on it. The residents and businesses of Spokane Valley do not want the utility tax! One of my campaign promises in my first term was NO NEW TAXES! I am still committed to that promise.

BACKGROUND: Personally, I feel the need to fund pavement preservation as well as a bridge over the railroad tracks on Barker/Trent and an underpass under the tracks at Pines/Trent. Adequate pavement preservation funding would insure that our Spokane Valley roads stay in the good condition we enjoy now. Building the railroad bridge and underpass would help alleviate traffic congestion and contribute to economic development. Could my family afford it if we removed the 6% Telephone Utility Tax and replaced it with a 6% tax on other utilities? Yes, by being more disciplined in our electricity and water use we could more than make up for the extra $25/month the replacement utility tax would cost us.

CONCLUSION: Our residents and business owners see the proposed utility tax change as a new tax. My campaign promise remains, NO NEW TAXES! I will push for additional study of the true cost of pavement preservation. I will continue to lobby for grants to pay for the two railroad crossings.